Sunday, January 24, 2010


So here is what made for Katie and Cooper my son's two children for Christmas. I made them each a little book about their visit to Butterfield Acres just outside of Calgary. Last Easter we all met at Shannon's to celebrate Easter and have a family get together. Shannon decided we should visit Butterfield Acres and we spent about 3 hours there walking around visiting all the animals and the kids got to listen to the a Easter story, so cute. Katie and Cooper loved all the babies from the baby chicks to lambs to bunnies which they tried catching but didn't have any luck at. Jenna my daughter-in-law's comment was not sure who had more fun the kids or grandma showing the kids all the animals. I have to say I did have a good time with Katie and Cooper exploring the little farm and watching their little faces light up each time we look them to a new pen to see another type of animal. Days like that are so memorable and that is why I made them each a book of their adventure at Butterfield Acres. I used little kid story books from the Dollar Store, removing the shiny paper from each page and I used Crate page to cover each page with many types of embellishments....too many to list. Now journaling was the hardest as I noticed I tried including too many comments so what I finally did was type what I wanted to say then started copying into the journal areas telling the story of their visit. This was allot of fun to create....BUT next time I need to start sooner then two weeks before Christmas...LOL. Leave it to me to do that I guess I work best under pressure but that was way too much.

I'm Back

So here's the story and I'm sticking to just has a way of getting away and sorry but somehow my blog just was not making it to the top of the to do list. Somehow I let so many other things in life take more priority then the fun things I like to do...just have to get better at completing some fun things once a week in 2010 and that would be keeping up with my blog. But one very nice thing that took priority this summer was the arrival of a new grandbaby to our family...little Miss Hailey she is so adorable and we are so thrilled to have here. She is a very active baby and is keeping her Mommy and Daddy very busy..... I think her parents have their work cut out for them.

Friday, May 29, 2009


So I thought I should also post tonight a little something of my card work I have completed in the past. The green and yellow card was for one of the gals I work with for her baby shower and the other card was for Ian my son-in-law for his birthday (of course not this past February). I definitely have to get back to my card making and get a little ahead so that I have some available for upcoming birthdays, etc. Now why would I be that that is going to happen. I still haven't unpacked my scrapbooking suitcase from Scrapbook Your Heart Retreat which after I'm done this post I have to get to. My craft room is a little messy right now...go figure. Well enjoy the posts and hope everyone has a great weekend....


Okay so today was plant till you drop day....what was I thinking last night when I brought all those plants. So now I have found the muscles that I haven't used from last year. The temperature was great but the WIND was not...good old Saskatchewan wind. The poor plants were being blown away in their containers so I had to resort to putting them in the wheelbarrow until I dug the holes and then while putting the plants in the holes and filling, the container was being sweep away down the street....I think I found all the containers but some poor neighbour probably is wondering where some of these containers came from. At 6:00pm I dragged my poor little body into the house and had a very welcoming bath. The cook had the day off so I was taken out for that was great. But crazy me....because I still have three pots to fill decided we should stop at Canadian Tire to check to see what else I could find...that wasn't very hard to accomplish so guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning; your right planting again. The picture below is of my Tiger Lillies I was going to say see my lillies but I knew no one would believe me that they are of this years growth. I have also attached a picture of one of my Clematis also from last year. I hope each of these plants will look as well this year their both pretty slow growing presently. Gerald has my camera in his vehicle and he is at the Man Show at the Agribition grounds so I wasn't able to download the pictures of my tulips which just opened this week. Will save for another time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Newbie Blogger

So here I am a newbie to the blogging world. I have enjoyed travelling to the many blogging sites of others so I decided to join the world of blogging...okay so I'm pretty green when it comes to blogging so hopefully I can keep my endup and add new posts daily well maybe every other day. I love to craft and so my passion has grown in the last few years for stamping and scrapbooking and each came into my life by accident. I always visit my daughter for her birthday and she always comes up with something unique for us to do while I visit. On this one particular birthday visit she registered us for a stamping class with an instructor she had attended a class with previously and who also teaches classes out of her home. Well you know what happened...the bug had bit me...the world of inks, stamps and embellishments took over. Then about a year or two later a little scrapbooking shop opened in Regina and I made the mistake of stopping to buy red paper for some Valentine's Cards I wanted to make. Upon entering the store I was greeted by this very friendly smiling face who owned the store....Lana struck..not only did I buy red paper but I had signed up for 2 card classes plus a class on learning to scrapbook....well I don't have to say more. The poor bank account has never been the same since either. But I have to say I love paper crafting even though their just never is enough time to stamp and scrap...somehow the work thing seems to interfere with the playing time of crafting. But then if I didn't work I couldn't buy all the wonderful paper, embellishments, inks, stamps...okay you get the idea. I know I'm not the only one that can't walk out of a craft store without buy several types tools and products....the people at work wonder how one person needs so much paper....they just do not understand about the STUFF.

Well I must go's way past my bedtime so goodnight all and happy blogging.