Sunday, January 24, 2010


So here is what made for Katie and Cooper my son's two children for Christmas. I made them each a little book about their visit to Butterfield Acres just outside of Calgary. Last Easter we all met at Shannon's to celebrate Easter and have a family get together. Shannon decided we should visit Butterfield Acres and we spent about 3 hours there walking around visiting all the animals and the kids got to listen to the a Easter story, so cute. Katie and Cooper loved all the babies from the baby chicks to lambs to bunnies which they tried catching but didn't have any luck at. Jenna my daughter-in-law's comment was not sure who had more fun the kids or grandma showing the kids all the animals. I have to say I did have a good time with Katie and Cooper exploring the little farm and watching their little faces light up each time we look them to a new pen to see another type of animal. Days like that are so memorable and that is why I made them each a book of their adventure at Butterfield Acres. I used little kid story books from the Dollar Store, removing the shiny paper from each page and I used Crate page to cover each page with many types of embellishments....too many to list. Now journaling was the hardest as I noticed I tried including too many comments so what I finally did was type what I wanted to say then started copying into the journal areas telling the story of their visit. This was allot of fun to create....BUT next time I need to start sooner then two weeks before Christmas...LOL. Leave it to me to do that I guess I work best under pressure but that was way too much.

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