Friday, May 29, 2009


So I thought I should also post tonight a little something of my card work I have completed in the past. The green and yellow card was for one of the gals I work with for her baby shower and the other card was for Ian my son-in-law for his birthday (of course not this past February). I definitely have to get back to my card making and get a little ahead so that I have some available for upcoming birthdays, etc. Now why would I be that that is going to happen. I still haven't unpacked my scrapbooking suitcase from Scrapbook Your Heart Retreat which after I'm done this post I have to get to. My craft room is a little messy right now...go figure. Well enjoy the posts and hope everyone has a great weekend....


  1. Hi Rita!!! Pretty Cards!!! Was reading about your blog on Shannon's and I thought I'd stop by!

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Hi Rita,

    Saw on Shannon's blog that you have joined the land of blogging. Love these cards...especially love the ribbon on the birthday one! Can't wait to see more. :0)

  3. Love both your cards Rita...especially the unique color combos and embossing folder..
    awesome job.
    connie paxman