Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay so today was plant till you drop day....what was I thinking last night when I brought all those plants. So now I have found the muscles that I haven't used from last year. The temperature was great but the WIND was not...good old Saskatchewan wind. The poor plants were being blown away in their containers so I had to resort to putting them in the wheelbarrow until I dug the holes and then while putting the plants in the holes and filling, the container was being sweep away down the street....I think I found all the containers but some poor neighbour probably is wondering where some of these containers came from. At 6:00pm I dragged my poor little body into the house and had a very welcoming bath. The cook had the day off so I was taken out for that was great. But crazy me....because I still have three pots to fill decided we should stop at Canadian Tire to check to see what else I could find...that wasn't very hard to accomplish so guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning; your right planting again. The picture below is of my Tiger Lillies I was going to say see my lillies but I knew no one would believe me that they are of this years growth. I have also attached a picture of one of my Clematis also from last year. I hope each of these plants will look as well this year their both pretty slow growing presently. Gerald has my camera in his vehicle and he is at the Man Show at the Agribition grounds so I wasn't able to download the pictures of my tulips which just opened this week. Will save for another time.

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